This is my day I get up at twenty past six.At seven o'clock,I eat breakfast.Then, I go to school by bus.I have lunch at school.I go back my home at five.After homework,Igo to bed at nine o'clock.

My day I woke up at seven o'clock in the morning. I ate my breakfast and did my homework. At ten o'clock, my friend Tom came to see me. We went to the park together. There was a large pond in the park. Some beautiful ducks were swimming. We

my daytoday is monday. i get up at 6:00. i have my breakfast at about 6:30. then i clean my room,wash my face and brush my teeth. i have noodles for breakfast. i go to school at 7:00. i do morning exercises at 7:50. we have four classes in morning.

,Our First Day in Winter Holiday The winter holiday began today. The Spring Festival will come soon. So my sister and I decided to help our mother to clean the room. In the afternoon we began the

today is is sunny.i don't go to school.i want go shopping.i get up at 6:30 in the morning.i have some cereal and an egg for breakfast.i go out at 8:00.the shop is near .i go there on foot.many people are in the shop.i buy a pencil .at 12:00 i go

I usually have a busy day from Monday to Friday. I get up at six in the morning. After breakfast I go to school on foot. We have four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. I have lunch at home. Class is over at five in the afternoon. After

Today is Sunday.It is sunny.I don't go to school.I want go shopping.I get up at 6:30 in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg for breakfast.I go out at 8:00.The shop is near .I go there on foot.Many people are in the shop.I buy a pencil .At 12:00 I

tuesday is my favorite 7:30 i have chinese.i like chinese best,because it's interesting.then at 8:25 i have english.i like it,,at 9:50,i have science.and at 10:50 i have's a little difficult,but interesting.i have lunch at 11:35.i take a nap

My DayToday is thursday, it is great that the weather is fine.今天是星期四,今天的天气非常好.When father and mother went back home, I was doing my homework.当爸爸妈妈回家的时候,我正在写作业.They gave me a big kiss and hugged me.他们亲吻了我并且拥抱了我.After we finish our dinner, father and me played chess.我们吃完饭之后,我和爸爸下棋.What a fantastic day!多么美好的一天呀!

I have a good day !In the morning , I read books and do homework .In the afternoon .I go shopping ,play computer games and ride a bike .In the evening .I clean the room ,wash the cloes and watch TV .


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