look across是什么意思

look across指越过一些东西看远处的某样事物例句Look across the river, that is your teacher. 看河对岸,那是你老师呀.

vi.扫视vi.调查,分析,研究 例句1.扫视 be oriented in a certain direction[例] the house looks out on a tennis courtthe apartment overlooks the hudson……2.调查,分析,研究[例]the look across activity should also comprehend review of the bill of process

请看例句1,We could look across the square.例句2,We could look across to the tunnel.例1的意思是我们可以看到广场的另一面,这里的look across是看到某某对面的意思.across是一个介词,有越过,从一边到另一边的意思.例2的意思是我们可以远看到隧道.这里的look across to 是越过某某看向,看到某某,是远看到,眺望到的意思.这里的across是一个副词,也是越过,从一边到另一边的意思.学语言需要理解,感觉.但也不要过多地分析,解释.


look through和look across的区别如下:1、两者作为“看”的方式不同.look across是指眺望,向看.look through是指穿过看.例句:Every now and then Blunt snatched a look across at me. 布伦特不时地瞥我一眼.They look through

look out for 是 留意找;设法得到look out across 是 放眼眺望

1.尊敬 The students all looked up to the old philosophy teacher. 学生们都很尊敬那位哲学老教授.1. 来回看They will make preparations for wedding.13. look across 来回看They look across the room at each other.2. 什么也不是look through是固

look across指越过一些东西看远处的某样事物,look over粗略的检查和社审阅的意思.

look through是有浏览,看穿,识破,从.中显露的意思look across 有眺望的意思 后面一般接to do不定式


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